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Steps to Becoming a Helicopter Pilot

1. It is necessary to pass a medical examination prior to flight instruction enrolment

2. Choose a reputable flight school – Helicopters Canada is internationally recognised and fully accredited by the International Civil Aviation Authority whose headquarters are located in Montreal, Canada.

3. Fill out an application

4. Obtain a Commercial Helicopter Pilot Licence. A minimum requirement of 100 flight hours and completion of a written test.
Approx 1.7 hr flight test.

5. You are now a licensed Commercial Helicopter Pilot! You are ready to work anywhere in Canada and capable of transporting passengers and cargo.

6. Depending on what part of the world you want to work in you may need to do a conversion course for that region.
We offer this for any part of the globe.

7. You have now spent less than a year training and gaining experience and are fully prepared to enter the work place!

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