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Commercial Licence

For individuals who are looking to make a career out of flying in the aviation industry.

At Helicopters Canada you will receive the following training:

Transport Canada Minimum 100 hours of flight time.
This can be done all on one helicopter, or by combining flight time on different helicopters to total 100 hours. You can train on a Cabri G2, RH44 or on a Bell 206B Jet Ranger. You will require approx 1.7 hours for your flight test, not included in the 100 hrs.

Included in your course, you will learn how to sling loads of varying weights, build and land on log pads, learn winter survival skills, learn how to refuel a helicopter from drums, land in densely forested areas, as well as other advanced flight manoevers crucial to the work world.

80-200 hours of ground school including the following topics:
i) Canadian Aviation Regulations,
ii) Aerodynamics and Theory of Flight,
iii) Meteorology,
iv) Airframes, Engines and Systems,
v) Flight Instruments
vi) Radio and Electronic Theory,
vii) Navigation,
viii) Flight Operations,
ix) Licensing Requirements, and
x) Human Factors including Pilot Decision-Making

In order to receive your Commercial Licence, you must pass the following:
• Radio License Test
• Category 1 Medical Examination from a Transport Canada approved doctor
• You must achieve 90% or higher on the PSTAR written exam
• Transport Canada Flight Test
• Transport Canada written exam CPHEL, 100 multiple choice questions

INCLUDED: Online Ground School, in-house Ground School, Pstar, Radio License, Helicopters Canada testing, fuel, insurance, instructor, and briefings

Cabri G2 $560/hr
RH44 $795/hr

CPHEL is tax deductible. Students will receive TL11B

CPHEL - Commercial Pilot Helicopter

• Ground School Kit

$ 250

• 100 Flight Hours
80 hrs Cabri G2
10 hrs RH44
10 hrs BH206

$ 44,800
$ 7,950
$ 10,000

• Transport Canada Written Exam

$ 105

• Transport Canada Flight Test Fee

$ 200

• Flight Test (approx 1.7 hrs)
$ 952

• Transport Canada Licensing Fee

Processing $ 80
Endorsement x 2 $60



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