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Cost Comparison

Other schools in Canada

• Offer helicopter training on machines rarely used in the industry

• Offer training on piston engines only

• Require you to train more hours than you need on expensive helicopters

• Training on terrain not realistic to the work world
Helicopters Canada

• Offers most widely used helicopters on which to train, Cabri G2, R44 and Bell Jet Ranger 206

• Students can train on both piston and turbine engines

• Students choose how many hours to train on each machine to lower costs

• Training on terrain realistic to the work world. Confined area landings done in dense forest.

United States

• Low advertised rates

• Hidden instructor fees ($50-$75/hr!)

• Hidden fuel costs

• Hidden groundschool fees or textbooks and lessons

• Low time flight instructors
Helicopters Canada

• Higher advertised rates

• Includes groundschool

• Includes all advanced flight training such as slinging, log pad landing and construction

• Includes all fuel

• High time experienced flight instructors

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