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What is involved in becoming a Commercial Helicopter Pilot?

• Obtain your Helicopter license with helicopters Canada
• Work can be found anywhere in Canada
• Must be able to work anywhere in Canada.
• Must enjoy the outdoors and work in remote areas
• Flexibility, flexibility, flexibility…

getting a start in the helicopter industry can involve relocation, time away from home and work outside in all kinds of weather. Going with the flow can mean all the difference in getting a good start in the aviation industry.

Do I need any previous flying experience?

-No, the majority of students who start training with us have no previous flight training experience.

How do I get started?

-Fill out an application form, and $500.00 deposit.
-Must have funding for tuition.
-Obtain a category #1 Medical from a Certified Aviation Physician.
-Choose a start date; be prepared to train on a full time basis.

What types of Helicopter Licenses are there?

• CHPL • Commercial Helicopter Pilot’s License:
required to work for hire, to carry passengers and equipment.

• PHPL • Private Helicopter Pilot’s License:
carry passengers for personal use.

What are the medical requirements?

• Transport Canada Category #1 medical for a Commercial License.
• Transport Canada Medical Category #3 for a Private License.
• Certified Doctors are found anywhere in the world.

How long does the training take?

• Commercial License is approximately 34 weeks on a full time basis.
• Private License is approximately 10 • 12 weeks on a full time basis.
• Part time studies will take longer

When are the start dates?

• We are open year round and are flexible with start dates.
• Choose a convenient time of the year for your training
• Most students will train through the fall, winter, this is to have the training completed for the Spring when it is peak hiring season.

Do you have accommodations available?

• Rent is very reasonable in North Bay at $500.00 • $600.00 per month.
• We are happy to assist students in finding suitable accommodations.

What do I need for an Instructor Rating?

• Hold a Commercial Helicopter License.
• 250 hours pilot in command time in helicopters
• 25 hours of advanced dual instruction in helicopters
• Write 2 Transport Canada exams, General Knowledge and Instrument Procedures.
• The duration is approximately 6-8 weeks.

Can I take my training part time?

Yes you may however expect it to take much longer. This may also cost more in the long run. Some people prefer this because of employment and other circumstances.

Does Helicopters Canada provide work after training?

• We have hired graduate students from our program.
• We offer referrals and references to other companies for students possessing a positive attitude and good work ethics. Employers do contact our school for the best possible candidates to fill their positions.

Does Helicopters Canada provide financing?

• Unfortunately we do not provide financing.
• Financing can be obtained at any bank. In most cases the bank requires security or a co-signer for the loan, or line of credit.
• Helicopters Canada will provide a cost breakdown for your needs.

Is my training Tax deductible?

• Yes, training is tax deductible
• You will be issued a TL11B for Canadian residents.

What other factors should I consider when choosing a Helicopter Flight Training School?

• Type of helicopters used. Are they used in the industry?
• Location of the school. Wll I be training in an area that mirrors the industry?
• Instructor qualifications. How long have they been training and what Class are they?
• Quality of training. Will I meet all of the requirements for the Helicopter Industry and more?
• Cost comparison
• Reputation of the school. Go for a tour of the school, talk to past students.

What are the start up fees?

• $500.00 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your spot.
• An acceptance letter will be issued, with cost breakdown

What are the conversion requirements if I hold a foreign license?

• Commercial conversion • On average 10-12 hours of dual flight instruction, and 40 hours of ground school is required. The approximate duration is 3-4 weeks. You are required to pass a flight test and a written Transport Canada exam.
• Private conversion • Write a P-Star exam and conduct 6 take-off and landings in the helicopter. This can be completed in 1 day.

What courses are offered?

-Commercial Helicopter Pilot
-Private Helicopter Pilot
-Conversions from Airplane License towards Helicopter License
-Instructor Ratings
-Night Ratings
-Advanced Training
-Recurrent Training
-Vertical Reference training
-External Load Training (Slinging)
-Commercial Helicopter Training to meet the JAA or JAR standards,iIdeal for foreign students.
-Bush Training Program
-Winter Survival Training ( Winter courses only) 2 Days
-CPR and standard First Aid ( winter courses only) 2 days


All about Helicopters Canada

First solo flights

Photo Gallery

Steps to becoming a pilot

1. It is necessary to pass a medical examination prior to flight instruction enrolment
(Click here to find a medical centre near you).

2. Choose a reputable flight school – Helicopters Canada is internationally recognised and fully accredited by the International Civil Aviation Authority whose headquarters are located in Montreal, Canada.

3. Fill out an application

4. Obtain a Commercial Helicopter Pilot Licence. A minimum requirement of 100 flight hours and completion of a written test.

5. You are now a licensed Commercial Helicopter Pilot! You are ready to work anywhere in Canada and capable of transporting passengers and cargo.

6. Depending on what part of the world you want to work in you may need to do a conversion course for that region.
We offer this for any part of the globe.

7. You have now spent less than a year training and gaining experience and are fully prepared to enter the work place!

Types of helicopter pilots 

1. Bush Pilot
A Bush Pilot conducts air operations which are carried out in remote regions of the world. Bush flying is the primary method of access across the Canadian and Alaskan Tundra, the Australian Outback, and to the African Sahara. Helicopters have the ability to go in many areas where planes can't fly.

2. Air Ambulance Pilot
An Air Ambulance Pilot delivers paramedic help where it is needed very swiftly, then provides fast transport for the patient to hospital.

3. Police Services
Assist the police force in locating/tracking, as well as transportation of criminals.

4. Search & Rescue
Assist in locating and recovering injured/missing persons.

5. Charter Pilot
A Charter Pilot flies fare-paying passengers and cargo as service demands. Flights are mostly of short duration over varying routes.

6. Flight Instructor
A Flight Instructor provides flight, and ground instruction in accordance with Flight School and license regulations and procedures. An instructor also prepares schedules, maintains records, and ensures that course standards, training requirements, and objectives are met by each student in each flight course.

7. News Helicopter Pilot
Corporate Pilots fly aircraft owned by business and industrial firms, transporting company executives on cross-country flights to branch plants and business conferences.

8. Test Pilot
Test Pilots fly new and modified helicopters to determine if the aircraft can safely do what they were designed to do, before the rest of the flying world takes them into the air.

9. Corporate Pilot
Corporate Pilots fly aircraft owned by business and industrial firms, transporting company executives on cross-country flights to branch plants and business conferences.

10. Private Helicopter Pilot
A Private Pilot is someone who may have learned to fly as a hobby, for personal business or who is planning to purchase their own aircraft.

Intro Course
The 3 hour intro course is designed for individuals whom are seriously interested in choosing the career path of a Helicopter Pilot.  This is an excellent way to experience helicopter flying before choosing this as a future Career choice. ...
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The school has a relaxed but professional environment. The ground school instructors were very helpful and knowledgeable, and were always available. The flight instructors were excellent and ensured I was being continually challenged....
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Charter Services
Helicopters Canada is equipped and specially trained to perform a wide range of services and reduce your operation costs. If your business can benefit from any charter service, we will show you how Helicopters Canada can provide exactly what you need...
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