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Who We Are

Don Vincent A.K.A. Vinny
Don initially began pursuing his career in aviation at the age of 18 with a private fixed wing licence. Helicopters were where his thoughts and aspirations lay so without reservation, he began his A.M.E. Apprenticeship and eventually achieved his Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Licence R Cat.

In 1976, he began training for his Commercial Helicopter Pilot Licence. After completion of his flight training, the following year Don flew commercially for several companies stretching from British Columbia to Newfoundland.

Today, Don serves as both Charter Pilot and Instructor with Helicopters Canada. He holds endorsements on R22, R44, BH47, BH206, MD500 in addition to a Commercial Fixed Wing Licence.

Grant Ross
Grant has worked as an instructor at Helicopters Canada intermittently since 2003 and full time since the fall of 2011. He has a wide range of charter experience including fire, mining and drill support, aerial survey, photography and vertical reference work. He combines this experience with a background in education to provide students with a range of training experiences to help prepare them for a successful career.  

Tom WaquÉ
Tom is a Commercial Flight Instructor who serves as the Flight, and Ground School Instructor for Helicopters Canada. He has extensive experience as a Commercial Charter and Special Mission Pilot.

Andrea Doremus, BA
Andrea has a Communications Degree, which she puts to good use as the Ground School Administrator and Ground School Instructor for Helicopters Canada. Like Tom, she has experience as a Commercial Charter and Special Mission Pilot.

Marianne Culham
Marianne began her aviation career flying fixed-wing in 1999 at the age of 18.
She later joined the helicopter course in 2001 where she began her career as a Professional Helicopter Pilot in the aviation industry.

Marianne flew commercially in Alberta and on the west coast of B.C until 2004 when she completed her instructors rating. She continued to fly on the west coast for another year, then moved back to North Bay where she has been since 2005.

She then focused primarily on instructing during the winter months and flying operationally on charters, fire suppression, forestry and mining and exploration in the summer months. Marianne is a Class 2 instructor with endorsements on the BH06, RH44, RH22, HU30, EH28.

What We Do

Helicopters Canada operates out of North Bay, Ontario, Canada just a few hours north of Toronto. The training area is situated at the Jack Garland Airport, one of the largest airports in Canada. Just minutes north of the airport are heavily forested areas that contain multitudes of lakes and rivers, providing the ideal location for helicopter training to prepare a student helicopter pilot for real life helicopter industry experience.

As a student of our flight program, you can expect one on one flight instruction with some of the most experienced flight instructors in the helicopter industry.

The courses are designed to train our students to become safe and professional pilots. One main difference in our program is our flexible start dates to accommodate the student's requirements. If you have any further questions regarding our flight-training program we look forward to speaking with you. Thank you for your interest.

Helicopters Canada offers a wide variety of flight training courses:
• introductory
• private
• commercial
• advanced flight training
• type endorsements
• night ratings

Private and Commercial pilot training includes
• sling load operations
• vertical reference
• confined areas
• log pad landings and more

Private Career Colleges (PCC)

PCC's are independent, private, post secondary institutions that provide students with the necessary skills and hands-on experience for a specific job. There are more than 500 registered PCC's in Ontario. PCC's MUST be registered and MUST have their programs approved by The Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. The "Private Career College Act" ensures that a PCC meets the standards to offer their program, as well as guidelines set out for advertising, refund policies, and instructor qualifications.

PCC's are unique in their own way that they allow the student more professional and progressive learning opportunities, whether they are recent High School graduates, or individuals seeking a new career. Some advantages are:

  • Flexible with student intake throughout the calendar year
  • Flexible classroom timetabling
  • Smaller classroom sizes
  • Students attending PCC's aren't subject to higher tuition fees as colleges.
  • Students can continue studies should it take them longer to achieve, not confined to semester deadlines.

Helicopters Canada

Helicopters Canada is a registered and approved Private Career College with The Ministry of T raining, Colleges and Universities, our PCC ID number is #103115.

For more information regarding Private Career Colleges, please go to THIS LINK

Contact Us

North Bay Airport Terminal

50 Terminal Street, comp. #8
North Bay Airport,
North Bay, ON, P1B 8G2

Main: 705.494.HELI (4354)
Toll Free: 1.877.688.HELI (4354)

Intro Course
The 3 hour intro course is designed for individuals whom are seriously interested in choosing the career path of a Helicopter Pilot.  This is an excellent way to experience helicopter flying before choosing this as a future Career choice. ...
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The school has a relaxed but professional environment. The ground school instructors were very helpful and knowledgeable, and were always available. The flight instructors were excellent and ensured I was being continually challenged....
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Charter Services
Helicopters Canada is equipped and specially trained to perform a wide range of services and reduce your operation costs. If your business can benefit from any charter service, we will show you how Helicopters Canada can provide exactly what you need...
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About Us   |   Course Outlines   |   More Course Info   |   International   |   Charters   |   Aircraft   |   Videos & More   |   Home
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