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Helicopters Canada is equipped and specially trained to perform a wide range of services. Matching the correct equipment and services to your requirements, we can greatly reduce your operation costs. If your business can benefit from any of the services provided below, we will show you how Helicopters Canada can provide exactly what you need.

We are always happy to provide specific quotes, any detailed information or consulting that will help with your planning and business decisions.

Phone: 1-705-494-4354
Toll free: 1-877-688-4354
Cell phone: 1-705-498-2066

Aircraft Information
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- Forestry Management
- Aerial Photography
- Geophysics
- Technical & Engineering
- Airborne Geological Surveys or Regional Surveys
- Slinging & Long Lining Operations
- Equipment Relocations
- Forestry

- Drilling Operations
- Infrared Scanning
- Seismic Recording
- Group Charters
- Airborne Surveillance and Inspections
- Hydro Lines
- Pipelines
- Wildlife Management
- Tours and Sightseeing
- Campsite or Base Support
- Low Level Inspections
- Executive Transportation and Passenger Services

Intro Course
The 3 hour intro course is designed for individuals whom are seriously interested in choosing the career path of a Helicopter Pilot.  This is an excellent way to experience helicopter flying before choosing this as a future Career choice. ...
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The school has a relaxed but professional environment. The ground school instructors were very helpful and knowledgeable, and were always available. The flight instructors were excellent and ensured I was being continually challenged....
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Q: Does Helicopters Canada provide work after training? A: We offer referrals and references to other companies for students possessing a positive attitude and a good work ethic. We have hired graduated students from our program...
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Helicopters Canada - International Students - Read More

About Us   |   Course Outlines   |   More Course Info   |   International   |   Charters   |   Aircraft   |   Videos & More   |   Home
Helicopters Canada 1378770 Ontario Inc. 1.705.494.HELI (4354), toll free 1.877.688.HELI (4354)