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Night Rating

For pilots who don't want to be limited to daylight flying.

At Helicopters Canada you will receive the following training:

20 hours of flight time, of which 10 must be conducted at night where 5 hours are dual instruction and 5 hours are solo. The remaining 10 hours will be instrument training done either by day or night.

20 hrs Flight Time -- Cabri G2
$ 11,200 HST applicable

• You can combine a night rating with your commercial licence course. The requirement of flight time is then reduced to 10 hours, of which 5 hours can be conducted as dual night instruction within the 100 hours of your commercial licence and the remaining 5 night hours are to be done as solo flight time once you have successfully completed your commercial licence. This is the most inexpensive way of achieving your night rating.

10 hrs Flight Time -- Cabri G2
$5,600 HST applicable over 100 hrs

• If you already hold a night rating in another type of aircraft (ie: fixed wing), the requirement of flight time is reduced to 5 hours, where 2 hours will be dual at night, 1 hour solo at night, and 1 hour of instrument training.

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