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What We Do

For nearly 20 years, Helicopters Canada has been providing flight training to both Domestic and International students. Helicopters Canada operates out of North Bay, Ontario, Canada just a few hours north of Toronto. The training area is situated at the Jack Garland Airport, one of the largest airports in Canada. Just minutes north of the airport are heavily forested areas that contain multitudes of lakes and rivers, providing the ideal location for helicopter training to prepare a student helicopter pilot for real life helicopter industry experience.

As a student of our flight program, you can expect one on one flight instruction with some of the most experienced flight instructors in the helicopter industry.

The courses are designed to train our students to become safe and professional pilots. One main difference in our program is our flexible start dates to accommodate the student's requirements. If you have any further questions regarding our flight-training program we look forward to speaking with you. Thank you for your interest.

Helicopters Canada offers a wide variety of flight training courses:
• Introductory
• Private
• Commercial
• Advanced flight training
• Type endorsements
• Night ratingss
• Instructor rating

Private and Commercial pilot training includes
• sling load operations
• vertical reference (B206 only if student has met T.C. minimum requirements)
• confined areas
• log pad landings and more

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