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Who We Are

Grant Ross
Grant was a student of Jeff Sullivan's and came to work for him when Jeff founded Helicopters Canada back in 2000. Prior to flying Grant obtained his Bachelors of Education degree and worked as a high school teacher, and also coached at the university level, three times being recognized as Ontario college coach of the year.

With a background in teaching and coaching Grant was a natural fit as a flight instructor and spent many years flying charters in the summer in northern Ontario and returning to instruct through the winter. As his charter experience grew so did his instructing experience, and Grant is now a Class 1 flight instructor and Transport Canada approved check pilot, and still flies operationally when needed.

With a diverse background in flying charters for fire, mining, arctic, and longlining experience Grant is well suited to prepare students for the challenges awaiting them as a commercial helicopter pilot in Canada.

Joseph Baugniet

Joe grew up in Montreal, Quebec and has a diverse background, from teaching in a high school to working for Doctors without Borders in the Middle East and Africa. Passionate about travel and adventure, Joe has found his dream job as a helicopter pilot.

After learning to fly at Helicopters Canada, Joe returned overseas for a couple of contracts and was thrilled to be invited to join the Helicopters Canada team as a charter pilot in 2016. As his operational experience grows, Joe has set his sights on moving into an instructor position with the school. Joe brings a wealth of life experience and an enthusiasm to the Helicopters Canada family.

Joe believes that innovation is both important and necessary to stay relevant in the industry and has spearheaded the company's transition to the new Guimbal Cabri G2 as our primary trainer.
Dominik is originally from Switzerland and his passion for aviation started at an early age. From building and flying RC planes and Helicopters, to flying gliders before he was old enough to drive cars. After graduating from College with an Electronics Diploma and serving in the military for a year; he moved to Canada and started at Helicopters Canada as an international student where Jeff Sullivan trained him in 2007.

Dominik is an experienced charter pilot, from mountain flying and heli skiing in western Canada, to long lining and moving drills for diamond and gold exploration across the Yukon and Northwest Territories. During the summer months he has been flying forest fires from BC across to Ontario.

After 10 years he returned to Helicopters Canada as charter pilot and Flight Instructor to share his passion of flying and operational experience with young and aspiring pilots.

Marianne Culham

Marianne Culham from North Bay ON is the third class 1, IFR rated helicopter flight instructor in the Sullivan family. Having begun her flying career at the age of 16 in Fixed wing aircraft Marianne holds both commercial helicopter and fixed wing licences.

After completing her helicopter flight training in 2001, she started her career working in Northern Alberta oil fields and British Columbia. Marianne has also flown operationally in Northern Ontario and Quebec supporting mining and exploration camps as well as Fire suppression activities in remote locations.

With over 14 years of Flight Instructing Marianne enjoys being able to provide new students with operational flying as well as a solid foundation in their overall flight training experience.

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